Who we are.     

AAAdvice GmbH, a Swiss registered company, has been founded to provide stakeholders of the business aviation industry with flexible, dynamic advisory services, especially, in the areas of contractual, regulatory, legal and administrative matters related to the EASA region. Where there is need to reach out for the support of a lawyer, we have excellent business relationships with lawyers specialized in aviation in any relevant jurisdiction.

After being a lecturer for economy, business administration, English and German at a Swiss commercial school for more than a decade, during the past twelve years Andrea Meier-Züllig worked for Jet Aviation, a globally recognized leader in the businessaviation industry. She has gained a broad knowledge in business, corporate & general aviation in particular in her function as Head of Contract Management EMEA & Asia of Jet Aviation’s business unit Aircraft Management & Charter as well as in her capacity as member of the board of the Swiss Business Aviation Association (SBAA).
Since January 2018, Andrea is the managing director of AAAdvice GmbH, and in May 2020 she was re-elected into the board of the Swiss Business Aviation Association (SBAA).

Andrea, born in 1962 in St. Gallen, Switzerland, has successfully completed, inter alia, advanced studies in paralegalism, Swiss contract law, international legal English combined with UK contract law, and several trainings in Aviation Law.