What we do.

AAAdvice GmbH offers a wide range of services in contractual, regulatory, legal, administrative and organizational areas.
We have a particularly strong experience in negotiations
of contracts related to the corporate, business and
general aviation industry, and this is our main focus.

For our clients, we handle local and complex international matters.

Our Services

Contract matters: advising on, reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial and other contracts
and agreements; supervising contract performance and enforcement

Projects: managing of aircraft transaction and financing projects

Communication: handling the communication with local and foreign authorities  

Commercial matters: advising on, reviewing, drafting and implementing general business terms and conditions

In-house legal: supporting general counsel and legal departments on an ad interim basis for extended periods of time

Corporate housekeeping: supporting in corporate housekeeping matters

Legal management: advising management, general counsel or in-house legal staff on management and organizational issues

Outside counsel: advising on selection, retention and management of outside counsel

Advice: advising on a broad range of business aviation related regulatory matters